Red Dirt Open Studio, Sunday, Nov. 11, 1-5pm.

Good art, good folks and good conversation with hot cider and bourbon!

Jessica Burnam: Appendages, in the Red Dirt Gallery 
Coffee by local roaster Chris Lowe + Quality Hill Coffee

New Red Dirt pint glasses for sale in support of Arts Integration Programs at Mount Rainier Elementary and Thomas Stone Elementary (And, cross your fingers, we'll have some elections to celebrate!!)

Margaret Boozer, Director
JJ McCracken, Co-Director
Leslie Holt, Co-Director

Talya Alpern
Amy Hughes Braden
Jessica Burnam
Lorenzo Cardim
Big D 
Rex Delafkaran
Nehemiah Dixon, III
Jeremy Flick
Gayle Friedman
Claire Huschle
Michelle Kohler
Emily Liddle
Raina Martens
Scot McKenzie
Philip Mecham
Diana N’Diaye
Louisa Neill
Andre Pellerin
Siobhan Rigg
Rafael Rodriguez
Peter Sprung
Juliana Vallejo
Anya Zmudzka