There’s more “less” than “more” in “More or Less,” an 18-artist show at Hemphill Fine Arts that should mesmerize fans of minimalism. Many of the pictures feature simple forms, obsessively repeated motifs and muted colors, especially gray…


In the galleries: Metaphrase & Ulterior Perspective

Color and line define space in at least six different ways in parallel shows at two Marymount University locations. At the school's new Ballston Center, "Metaphrase" hangs Jeremy Flick's hard-edge paintings alongside Jon Malis's high-tech abstractions…

In the galleries: The Eye of Faith Flanagan

Watching over the current exhibition at Studio 1469 is a large but faint drawing of local art curator and patron Faith Flanagan, rendered by Ian Jehle in pink pencil. The portrait can be seen as fragile or unearthly, either of which now seems apt: “The Eye of Faith Flanagan” is a memorial to the D.C. art curator and patron, who died suddenly in January.


East City Art Reviews: Color Chords: Vibrations of the Washington Color School

The five artists participating in Color Chords: Vibrations of the Washington Color School are united in their admiration for the properties of color, even as their approaches to applying hues to canvas radically differ…While a direct linkage in at least one case seems tenuous, the panoply of colored swaths and shapes across the gallery suggest that ideas born in the 20th century continue to resonate into the 21st.